missinformedToday is an emotional morning. I work hard at everything I do. Be it my job, my training, my kids, my relationships, my marriage. I’m always advancing my skills and my knowledge to be informed to make better decisions. And always ALWAYS TRY to give 100%.

But being talked about, put down, questioned, accused, or disrespected, by anything or anyone HURTS.

The scale doesn’t know me and it tells the truth. Whether it is good or bad news it come to my face and tells me.

Some people, on the other hand, talk shit about me and obviously don’t know me.

I think what bothers me most is the people who talk about me, have no relationship with me. Don’t know my skills, my passions or motivations, or the true heart I put into everything I do. I care because those misinformed could really excel by having me as an ally.

Today we pray for the misinformed. And the people who informed them with false information. I am pissed and exploding is not the answer. I will rise above this. I will be even better because of it.

On an more personal note, Today we pray for the sick, and those who are receiving treatment and surgery. Those dear to us who have been diagnosed with conditions that are beatable. Those that could use our help with a little extra prayer. God Bless you all.