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Support System

supportsystemWhat support systems do you have in place? A spouse? A workout partner? Or a coach?

I think it’s important to put a support system in place when you have a goal. Support systems do a couple things for your success such as motivate, encourage, and inspire you.

How how often do you wake up at 4 a.m. or look at yourself in the mirror and realize you don’t like what you see? Just wishing you had something or someone to motivate and drag you to a workout. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself and you need that extra push from somebody to tear you off the couch. A support system is that person. They make you want to wake up at 4 a.m. and hit the weights or treadmill. They motivate you to begin.

Once you get to the gym or start a workout that support systems job is to encourage you to keep going. They push you harder making you realize you can do great things. Somethings you didn’t know you could do without their motivation and encouragement. And when you can’t do just one more rep or one more mile, that support system is there to drag you by your hair and showing you, YOU CAN, do just one more, encouraging you to go beyond your limits. Encouragement is the most important job of your support system. Some workouts you just feel like you can’t get out of your own way, your support system gets you out of your head and into the workout.

What inspires you? I know my support system inspires me. Lance, for example, has dedication beyond anyone I have ever met. That inspires my dedication. My kids inspire me each day. They learn or do something new everyday which inspires me to learn or do something new everyday. My wife, is an amazing support system. She pushes me to be a better person, better man, husband, father, athlete. And when I say push I don’t mean nag like some husbands often say. I truly mean she inspires me.

But what happens when your support systems breakdown? What happens when you set out to achieve a goal and feel like you’re alone. That is when you must reach deep, remember all the things your support systems have taught you, remember the goal at hand, and get to work. Be your own cheering squad and push through the pain or mental road block. You Can Do It.

Stay motivated, encouraged, and inspired and you can achieve your goals.

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