Last month at Exact Target Connections 2014 I came across this word a bunch of times “Opt Up”

I questioned it each time and finally the bell dinged and light bulb went on.  Opt Up was another way of saying Super Engage with your super users.

Let me take a step back. In the subscriber, user, patient, or customer life cycle there are a couple of stages. Acquisition, Onboarding, Engage, Re Engage, Super Engage and Transition. In a different post I will define each of these. But the 1 we are focused on right now is Super Engagement.

These are your peeps. These are the 20%. These are returning customers. These are people that trust your brand. These are people that are your ambassadors. These are the people you can get true stats, survey results and reviews from. These are the people you can count on for clicks. These are the people you can upsell and cross sell to. These people are the reason loyalty programs were invented.

They don’t need your incentives. They don’t want the fluff. They aren’t looking for handouts. I am sure they appreciate them when they come but they are friends of the brand.

So to OPT them UP is to upsell them, is to offer them additional wares you have to peddle. It is in your best interest to nurture these relationships. Learn more about these people. Find out what makes them tick. Figure out what keeps them up at night and help solve those problems.

Couple steps we can take to Opt Up is to segment them out from the rest. Watch when they abandon carts or see where they bounced from your site. Follow up with relevant emails and communications that let them know they are valued customers. Add value to the pages they seem to be bouncing from. And extend that value to places you know they have been and know they will go.

Sending more segmented messages is a great way to offer additional value to these people. And remember they are people they are not users, they are not just customers or patients, they are not just some numbers on a database. They are people and they deserve the best value you have to offer.

Set up more triggered emails including things like birthday messaging. A simple happy birthday goes a long way. What about seasonal messagings? Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Veterans Day, Independance day. Know your marketing calendar and set up a full gamut of triggers messages for these events. Additionally, thank these people when they buy from you. Trigger a ‘Thanks for Shopping’ with us message.

Give subscribers opportunities to “opt up” to receive emails on additional topics, as part of a loyalty program, or from sister brands. They will trust the brands you recommend. They will take advantage of loyalty program incentives. And if there is a level of Gamification within the loyalty program don’t think for a minute that they won’t do anything and everything to gain the most points and win. Make it fun, easy and rewarding.

Optimize transactional emails for upsells and cross-sells. When they sign up send them a survey to find out more about what they like. If they buy something offer a message with related items. Always be thinking about the move they can and should be taking after they have done something on your site that will keep them there or bring them back next time.

To recap and add a couple more techniques to continue to collect more information on the people you interact with the most and engage with on a high level here is a list of things that you should be doing:

  • Progressive profiling – This collects demographic information
  • Progressive profiling survey – This collects information from an interest to product relationship point of view
  • Relevant Seasonal messages – Don’t send Merry Christmas messages if the group you are reaching out to is Jewish (just sayin) (Know Your Audience)
  • Segmented messages – Lowest common denominators get the most granular messages.
  • Signup anniversary email – Same with Birthdays
  • Sharable coupon – Imagine if they each shared a coupon with a friend and they both actually purchased something. HOLY ROI BATMAN
  • Social sign-in – People love their social media and their convenience but when we have their social info we have a whole new world of marketing opportunities to explore.
  • Post-purchase/Cross-sells email – Thank You for Shopping, People that bought that also bought this(Similar Products), Survey about they experience.
  • Care or assembly instructions – This is easy for some products not all. But worth trying especially if you have the easier products.
  • Loyalty program emails – We spoke about this already.
  • Milestone notification email – O yeah. This should get its own post to. Christmas in Summer. Happy Half Birthday. 100 days til ANYTHING.