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Mike Ramos

Never stop learning

achieving-your-goalsYou hear people say all the time never stop learning or learn something new each day. Well that is what I have been doing and it has paid off. My confidence is up and my weight is down. I feel like I can achieve anything I put my mind to. That is why I am considering reading the literature that would qualify me to be a CPT.

I am not saying I am taking the test to actually become a CPT, certified personal trainer, but what I am saying is that the information will become invaluable for my own benefit as well as the benefit of my family. And if the internet disappears I would have the knowledge to make money and a career in other ways.

And since the internet won’t go away, with the knowledge I will have I could combine my web skills to build some amazing site that will share the secrets and knowledge of the pros.

I don’t know what is really next for me but I need to dig deep and prepare to set a new goal so that once the races have come and gone I have the next milestone in my life to reach. I need to assess and weigh all my option. And with the kids starting school soon, I will need to really be smart and balance my time wisely.

Sacrifice renders rewards but often causes pain. What do I have to give up or move around to achieve goals and be happy?
God will show me.

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