8Y2SeL-p_400x400On LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter I call myself a Fit Creative Thinker. I add ‘motivator’ ‘husband’ ‘dad’ ‘coach’ to that list and I have a mentor that calls me SCRAPPY.

I’m Mike Ramos, (Quicker to spell, not to mention michaelramos.com was taken and I am not willing to spend $695 to some dude squatting on it).

For 20 years I have been helping businesses grow through online solutions (cliche) and digital engagement opportunities (also cliche), but it really is what I do best. I help people like you get the best results and succeed in your industry. I help you create opportunities and achieve success by setting contagious traps.


So why Fit Creative Thinker

FIT – I recently lost 45lbs. How? I set goals, listened and educate myself, asked question from the right sources, stayed disciplined, and execute the plan. Recipe for success tastes so good(cliche).

CREATIVE – I have a 9-5 at www.vitals.com where I am the Creative Director. I have held many creative and design roles throughout the last 20 years. I am qualified to do creative things.

THINKER – If you smell smoke, you’re gonna wanna take notes. I also am co-Founder of boardthing.com. Boardthing is a realtime multiuser digital collaboration tool for distributed teams. Thinkers do their best work when they are collaborating and brainstorming with others. This is absolutely 1 of my favorite exercises.

The rest is just part of the beautiful life that I live each day.

I look forward to working with you. Let’s collaborate on something.